Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Silverlight, yet to see the perfection of it…

I am sitting here catching up on things. This weather around the STL kills me at this time of the year. Enough about me, more about Silverlight right? Well maybe.

Now what I’m reading by two of the top bloggers or most reputable bloggers out there today, Michael Arrington and Robert Scoble, is that we all had better pay attention to Silverlight. Ok, I’ll agree, from some of the excited overview of it, it sounds like a great 4 mb application that makes AJAX look like a bicycle and Silverlight the Ferrari.

That is really cool, you have me hooked. Now I jump over to the ex-Microsoft VP’s site. I have to see what he is saying about it. First off, he didn’t get a free pass to the MIX event, and secondly he plays both sides of the fence in his post.

As always, I casually see what people are saying. As you know, no matter how hard someone shoves down a new process, software, OS, etc… it’s the people that are going to bite or spit. Well right now the people are spitting. In fact, one of the more prominent comments under Scoble’s post goes like this

Microsoft rebooted the web? Why, did they crash it? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

What I’m not sorry about is that I don’t trust Microsoft. I don’t trust Ballmer. I don’t trust Gates. I don’t believe that the old Microsoft - the one that lied, cheated, and stole its way into becoming a monopoly has turned over a new leaf.

Ouch! But it gets even better, as I scrolled down further to find more Mac and Linux comments. Then the very last comment, I thought I would get to see something. There was a comment by Michael S. Scherotter who has a web site that he used to learn Silverlight on. He is a Microsoft employee.

So here I am. All excited to finally see this hype. Then it all became really clear. Just go there yourself - http://xmldocs.net/ - I’m sure you will be jumping up and down all over for this Silverlight exhibition.

Technically Speaking, if you are going to post a comment and link your web site. Then go on about “how I work at Microsoft, and how I made this web site to test it“, just make sure the thing works.

Black on White is not impressing me. Not one bit. I’m currently siding with the Linux and Mac people at this time. Remember, I’m from the STL, you have to show me. Please don’t mistake that with SHOE ME; that is north of here in Wisconsin! :)

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