Thursday, May 03, 2007

They can't all be an 'American Idol,' but some '08 hopefuls say they watch

File this in the "Only in America" category:

Politicians vying to be America's next president professing that their favorite reality TV show is American Idol. We're sure they were nervously watching Wednesday to see if Blake or Chris would be eliminated.

The Associated Press continues its "personal side" series by asking the presidential contenders about which reality TV shows they enjoy. American Idol, as you'll see, got a few votes. Their answers:


Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware: "Don't have one."
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York: "American Idol."
Sen. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut: "American Idol, which I say often reminds me of running for president sometimes."
John Edwards, former North Carolina senator: College basketball.
Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio: No time for TV.
Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois: "Other than the U.S. Senate on C-SPAN? I don't watch them too often."
Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico: "Fox News." (On Politics question: Anyone think he was being serious?)


Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas: "None this season; too busy. Last season it was The Amazing Race." (On Politics aside: We like the show too, senator -- and this season's finale is coming up!)
Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York: Baseball.
Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas: "Nashville Star, USA Network's country music competition."
Rep. Duncan Hunter of California: The Versus network, previously called the Outdoor Life Network.
Sen. John McCain of Arizona: Arizona Diamondbacks baseball.
Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts: "American Idol."
Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado: "None."

Prior to this, AP has asked the candidates about their "desert island necessities," what they would be doing if they weren't in politics and their favorite foods to cook.

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