Friday, May 11, 2007

This is Rachel procrastinating

I'm sill trying to figure out this whole livejournal thing.

um.. here's something I posted on facebook

Why can I listen to the same song over and over again? Do you think there's something wrong with my brain?!?

Okay, so I went to this party (I thought it was in Virginia, but it was really in Maryland). Anyway, I'm not big on the family parties considering I'm pretty antisocial, but the most interesting thing happened. There was this lady, Inga, (after much conversation I realized I'm not exactly related to her); she was telling my family and me about her country, Germany, and its history. She lives in the town where Martin Luther stayed the night before the Diet of Worms. Oh my gosh, I was totally freaking out. Martin Luther is one of my historical heroes (I wrote my senior paper on him and the Reformation). She had also been to the city where he posted his 95 theses. You could tell she had a wealth of information (I mean, she was born during WWII). I wish I could've talked to her for hours and heard her millions of stories, but unfortunately I couldn't.

May I just say that I HATE long car rides with my family? Gracie watched Curious George and some Candy Land movie (I couldn't believe they made a movie!). Anyway, I was listening to this sampler cd on my super-old discman and it was all heavy music, and there were these cute little gingerbread music running around and dancing to screaming vocals (well, at least to me). It was very interesting, and I felt like I was in on some kind of joke. I don't really know why though...

School is ALMOST over, not too much more to go, I just need the motivation.

Much love

FROM: Murcielaga

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