Thursday, May 03, 2007

American Idol

Ok Idol fans we are going to wrap up the last two weeks in one tidy blog. There's been a lot going on in the world of American Idol with Idol Gives Back and the surprise noone's leaving, to last night's dropping of two contestants.

Let's begin with Idol gives back. I was blown away by the efforts of th AI team and their pull on the inhabitants of elite hollywood. Not only did they get Ellen to co-host they had a vast arsenal of tinsel town's best. Jack Black was hilarious during his short bit as was the whole troop dancing around to Stayin Alive. It was an impressive show with a important message. What impressed me most of all was the fact that they decided not only to focus on Africa, but they are aiming at our country too. Here in the land of opportunity we have an alarming poverty issue. Not only in big cities but in rural communities there are children and adults for that fact starving and lacking the baisic tools for survival. As sad as it is I am overwhelmed by the viewers and the people involved with Idol Gives Back. Around Seventy million dollars raised, it is awesome! I would also like to mention Bono and his efforts in humanitarianism. He is quite possibly the most active celebrity on global issues. He has brought together several people to aid the world and his efforts reach almost every country. Thanks for that, there should be more like him!

Side note: Yesterday on The View Rosie(who is leaving soon YES!!) challenged fox to match the proceeds. Well Rosie why don't you shut you're yap and dig into your deep pockets. Oh for once focus on the issue, not the president, or the republican party, or your personal agenda, but the issue at hand. Give credit where credit's due!

Ok. on to this week's performances and ejections. I must say that everyone did a decent job with the Bon Jovi songs, a true suprise to me. Phil was good, Kiki was awesome as well as Melinda! Jordin was ok, she seemed a bit more nervous than usual, and Blake was once again unique and ground breaking. Chris was far better than I expected, but he wasn't good enough.

Phil and Chris were thrown out of the ring last night. Neither of them truly stood out so it's not a real shocker that they're gone. Phil really has a good voice but he's often boring to the point of snoozing. Chris is ok but reminds me too much of Justin Timberlake, which in effect never really let me give him much thought.

All in all it's been an exciting year on Idol. I am proud to be an avid fan and am impressed by their efforts to help the world. Remember to vote~for Melinda preferably~ and watch on Tues. and Wed. nights. Much love to all you Idol fans!?

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