Sunday, May 13, 2007


I don't usually talk about my original stories in a public manner, simply because they're personal and may become published someday. But in this case, I will spill the beans, if only to prove an odd point.

Three or four months ago, I came up with this story idea based on a dream I had. Basically it revolves around this uber-rich chick who lives in that Paris-Hilton-inhabited part of the world. She doesn't fit in with those types despite the money and privilege, and she's looking for somewhere she might fit in that doesn't involve her transforming into a slut.

At this point, I introduce her new neighbor: a male guitarist in an Evanescence-esque band. He's a sweetheart deep down, though he sports the typical rock-and/or-roll look of tattoos and such. Where he once enjoyed being in said band a great deal, he's starting to get disgruntled with the bitchy lead singer and her demands. He has no ego to speak of and can't see himself going solo, so he puts up with a LOT of shit.

At any rate, they hit it off... Her father's not real happy about it... His bitchy lead singer is not real happy about it... There's a bizarre, trippy dream sequence...

Said all that to say that when I come up with characters like this, I like to have a face in mind to help me describe them in detail when I write. Due to my Heroes obsession that had just begun, I decided Milo would make a great "face" for my rockin' dude. Not to mention that the character looked like him in my dream, and that was the inspiration, after all.

Now... Look at this...

Tattoos: Check. Guitar: Check. General Rock Look: Checkaroo.
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And my rich chick? She's a blonde...
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I'm LOVING that you can't see her face in these pics...
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How perfect is this shit!?!?!?
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Just... wow. It's fated.

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