Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Technorati changes

I noticed a change on Technorati today. Instead of listing the number of unique blogs and number of links to the blog, they just have a single “Authority” number displayed again beside the blog’s rank in the overall listings.

The top 10 searches of the day are:
1. WTF: youtube
2. WTF: ron paul
3. WTF: myspace
4. WTF: sarkozy
5. WTF: galilea montijo
6. WTF: joost
7. WTF: paris hilton
8. WTF: web 2.0
9. WTF: lileks
10. WTF: shoppero

Now, either I’m out of touch (which is most likely), or there are a lot of strange people out there. I have never heard of 5, 9, or 10, and I only just learned of 4 today (a French guy). Why would people search Technorati for “youtube” is anyone’s guess, because it’s pretty easy to type in youtube.com and search for the hot videos right at the source. I guess they want to see which Youtube videos are talked about in blogs particularly, the most. The biggest question now, is how will Britney Spears top Paris Hilton’s alcoholism, and end up back in the top 10? Top 10 Celebrity Alcoholics list anyone?

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