Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Shocking Video: Man dies electrocuted

A man, apparently a drug user was electrocuted after receiving powerful electric shock in Chile, at the time having some pirouettes on a pylon of about 15 meters [video].

The subject was identified as 'Miguel' and it would be a person who used to perform such stunts, and did entrusting their friends to register on film camera, which was recorded, including the time you receive the fatal electric shock.

 After receiving the electric shock, the subject's body burst into flames, while his friends hit upon just screaming, while the lifeless body, like a log fell to the floor after having collided again and again against the tower structure high voltage.

 All that is known about the subject, according to friends, used to perform such maneuvers motivated by drug use. Then the same friends of the victim were commissioned to hang in the YouTube channel


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