Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Argentina recovered its frigate Libertad, held in Africa because of "vulture funds"

The flagship of the Armada Argentina, the frigate Libertad arrived this afternoon at the Naval Base in Mar del Plata, after having been nearly three months in Ghana held by a hedge fund lawsuit.

Thousands of people and supporters of the ruling party received 17 minutes after the crew of the ship with applause and chants.

Thousands of tourists and citizens of Mar del Plata held this afternoon with cheers the arrival of the frigate Libertad, despite the strong winds that were recorded in this city. Vacationers occupied the Paseo Celso Aldao and breakwater for the arrival of the vessel visible school after being held in Ghana over three months.

While the ship was heading to Puerto Libertad escorted by 27 vessels, from the balconies of the buildings that are on the Canyon General San Martin Park, opposite Playa Grande, is sounded pans.
Meanwhile, many vacationers located on the beach greeted the passage of the ship, but were a few who marched with spontaneous applause.

Meanwhile, small groups of autoconvocados by social networks focused in front of Hotel Costa Galana to voice their protest.

Outside the port premises, the rhythm of drums and drummers put the militant groups, although identified by various flags were matching their percussion.

At the port, which also slowly entering columns with their flags and banners, the wait was accompanied by the national rock music through a powerful stereo next to the box.

There, the show started 17 minutes after, with a performance of the National Guard of the Sea, a group that promotes female choreographic and represents the city of Mar del Plata in various events.

The beginning of the show brought down the sound of the drums closer to the stage and space for authorities and relatives of the sailors returning.

In the streets surrounding the port, closed to traffic from early stands were located also official agencies and personal stalls selling drinks, sandwhiches, sparks and other supplies.

Dario Volonte sang tenor for the boat at the naval base in this city, as they flew three aircraft that greeted the training ship. After being held in Ghana, the training ship finally arrived at the port of Mar del Plata and in the framework of the event organized by the Government sang tenor Argentine Falklands veteran.

At 20, will start the massive welcoming ceremony at the Navy training ship that will lead Argentina's head of state.

In addition to the mandatory part of the act the Defense Minister Arturo Puricelli, members of the national cabinet, the heads of the Armed Forces and families of midshipmen and sailors on board, among other guests.

The ship departed on 19 December at 13.20 (time Argentina) Tema port with 143 crew on board 78 days after being held illegally in Ghana.

The vessel was arrested in the African country since last October 2 local justice court claim did result, driven by vulture fund U.S. NML.

The court decision that had generated the frigate retention in African waters was reversed on 15 December when the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea ordered the release Ghana "immediate" and "unconditional" the battleship.

To get to Mar del Plata, the frigate had to travel about five thousand miles

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