Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Malvinas: Argentina requires that Cameron does not take political mileage

The Argentine government "condemned" this Tuesday the statements of Prime Minister David Cameron, who assured the thirtieth anniversary of the Falklands War that Argentina made "a profound mistake" and asked him not to use the conflict "to an ephemeral domestic political gain. "

The chancellor considered HéctorTimerman Cameron claims the conflict "to correct a serious error" and "persistent glorification of colonialism."

"A profound mistake to paraphrase Cameron said, was to expel the population of Argentina in the Falkland Islands in 1833, violating rights Prime Minister claims to defend, and implement, under forced settlement schemes, a British population. Another 'profound mistake' is to continue ignoring the territorial integrity of a sovereign country. "

For the chancellor, "" a profound mistake "is just persist with colonialism, among other things, is nothing less than building the welfare of a people on the basis of military and cultural subjugation and plunder of natural resources of other peoples . That's the story from the UK and millions of people worldwide can attest, even today, that.

"We have to correct that 'profound mistake' and end with the last colonial enclaves. Against the clamor of the peoples of the world to leave behind this scourge is opposed only colonial military force and the deployment of nuclear weapons in the UK, "he said Timerman.

For Argentina, the UK falls "in a profound mistake" with his "persistent behavior ignoring the many United Nations resolutions, and dangerously weakening the body and its mandate to resolve, peacefully, conflicts between nations."

Finally, the Gobiermno called Cameron "to reflect on these principles and abandon any temptation to use this just cause Argentina to an ephemeral domestic political gain."

On Monday, Cameron said he was proud "of the role of the United Kingdom to correct a serious error" committed by Argentina, to start the war in 1982.El prime minister also said that it was an "act of aggression" against the people Falkland Islands. said even that they tried to "steal freedom

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