Monday, April 23, 2012


The Board of the Latin American Parliament backed the government's decision to "nationalize the company Repsol-YPF as an act of sovereign power."

Through a resolution, the agency decided to "support" the Argentine government's decision to "nationalize the company Repsol-YPF as an act of sovereignty energy for the welfare of the Argentine people, contributing to self-sufficiency, satisfaction of domestic demand and decline in oil prices. "

Also rejected "categorically the position taken by the Spanish government and the European Union to threaten the Argentine government with reprisals in the commercial field, instead of taking the path of dialogue and negotiation as search points of agreement."

The resolution was signed on April 20 in Panama, as part of a meeting attended by the national representative of the Front for Victory in Chubut, Nancy Gonzalez, in his capacity as vice president of the Latin American Parliament, according to the block face for Victory in a news release.

Thus, the Latin American Parliament added "to the position of the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean largely have supported this decision, designed to benefit not only the growth and development of the Argentine people, but also to promote energy integration in the region. "

The resolution was supported by all members of the Board of the Latin American Parliament, with the exception of Mexico and St. Maarten, who abstained.

The Latin American Parliament, established in 1964, is a regional, permanent and unicameral, consisting of the national parliaments of Latin America, elected democratically by popular vote, whose countries signed the Treaty of Institutionalization for the November 16, 1987, in Lima, Peru.

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