Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Governor of Salta (Argentina) called for greater oil production

He also celebrated his partnership with mining pollutants companies.

Amid the debate on the future of YPF, Salta Governor Juan Manuel Urtubey, used his opening address to the Legislature to ratify the path initiated by the oil provinces and said it expects an "increase of 15 percent" in hydrocarbon production, but did not notice if another concession area will revert, as anticipated by the government of Chubut. The governor again avoided ruling on the controversy unleashed its refusal to apply the Supreme Court ruling on abortions not punishable

During his speech, Urtubey said that "despite tough times for the world and our country, we will increase investment in health, safety and education, an area that has always been a priority in management."

In this regard, said "it is through education and the work we have to ensure that the future does not slip through our hands. More than 30 000 jobs created in the agglomerate worked in the city of Salta are enough. "

So, in the midst of discussion by the mining model, the provincial president held "good news for Skip" noting that "encourage the development of economic activity and employment generation through promotion tools and decrease the tax burden" , referring to the mining concessions "grew by 106.7 per cent" and that the sector employs "more than 11 thousand workers."

Also, before lawmakers Salta Governor called "more dialogue and more open to different opinions," and that "this openness must begin my government: we who must take the first step and example."

"From my first inauguration as governor, won five consecutive elections. God has blessed me with the support of my people. We have done a lot over the years and more is needed for people in need and hopefully we hear," held on Salta president.

In this context, the president downplayed any political aspirations and said: "I enclose, as most of Salta, the project that started Nestor and now leads President Cristina Kirchner." He noted that "this year will be very important work of training for full implementation of electronic single ballot system in elections next year."

In addition, he anticipated the need to work with the legislature in the draft law establishing anti-corruption office, regulating the administration of government advertising and amending the Tax Code, among others.

"I need everyone's help you, with your ideas, criticisms and differences but inexcusable sustain the common good. I rebelled hunger and backwardness," he said, and concluded: "The achievements that need Salta, we reach them again together. "

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