Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ricky Martin gives details about the first time he was lured by a man

Starting today, fans of Ricky Martin can be found out unpublished stories about childhood, early music and the discovery of the singer's homosexuality, because it releases the autobiography "Me."

The book has several chapters such as "Child to Man," "Meeting of Destiny", "My time to shine", "regain control of my life," "The Sound of Silence", "The role of my life "" Fatherhood "," My time "and" Forward ", as published in the Chronicle newspaper.

The Puerto Rican recounted in his autobiography how he was attracted by a man for the first time: "We met at a train station and from the moment we saw was a clash of souls, at least on my part. I was traveling out of Los Angeles and went to the station for an interview. Just opened the study door, I found myself faced with the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen one of those loves that trembles in the body and soul. "

With lots of romance, the singer was the beginning of his first love gay: "I had something special and immediately was like a magnet that attracted us to each other. As if we already knew from long ago. He interviewed me for his program and during the interview I said, 'Do I feel vibrations on your part or are my ideas? If it is true what I'm feeling, because here I go without fear. "

Martin confessed that after exchanging glances and knowing that the two are attracted, this man who was a journalist and disc jockey in Los Angeles, began to visit him at the hotel where he was: "At night he went to work on the radio and I stayed in bed listening to his voice as he pulled me subtle messages throughout the program. "

"I proposed that we leave everything to go together to live somewhere, where they were, to Asia, Europe ... I did not care and my career, not having to tell the world he was gay, I do not care about anything" confessed the singer of "Livin 'la vida loca."

However, her boyfriend rejected the proposal by saying he did not want to leave his career because he understood that he had a mission with people and could not afford to be the reason for Martin to leave her.

The confessions of the father of twins Matthew and Valentino will also be available as an audiobook and digital formats.

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