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The member of the British royal family who became a citizen of Argentina

Susan Barrantes (born June 9, 1937, Bramcote, Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom - died on 19 September 1998, Tres Lomas, Argentina) was an English aristocrat in connection with the House of Stuart and she was the mother of Sarah Duchess of York, and the maternal grandmother of the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York.

Susan Mary Wright was born in Bramcote, Nottinghamshire, the daughter of Wright and Honorable FitzHerbert Doreen Wingfield. His maternal grandfather was Mervyn Wingfield, Viscount Powerscourt eighth. Susan was the youngest of four children. She had two older sisters, Bridget and Davina, and an older brother, Bryan. Bridget married Julian Salmond, who was the son of Marshall of the Royal Air Force Sir John Salmond and Hon. Monica Grenfell. Davina married first, Sir Richard Boughey, Bt 10, and Spencer Loch second, fourth Baron. His brother rose to the rank of Major in the Blues and Royals.


The Wright family back to John Wright alias Camplyon Stowmarket, who made his will in 1557. His first son, Capt. John Wright, was imprisoned in the Castle of Newark for eight years for its adherence to the Parliamentary cause. Later, he acquired properties in Nottinghamshire and Suffolk. The grandson of Captain Wright, Ichabod, was a banker who owned properties in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. He established the Bank of Wright. His great-grandson Samuel Wright, of Gunthorpe married a daughter of Lord Coventry. Samuel's brother John of Langar and Lenton Hall was a banker and principal owner of the works Butterly. His granddaughter became the wife of the Earl of Buckinghamshire [disambiguation needed].

He finished school and for a short time attended secretarial college. During rookie season of 1954 Susan Wright was presented to the Queen


He met Lieutenant Ronald Ferguson. On January 17, 1956 in the high society of St. Margaret's Church, Westminster, was married Major Ronald Ivor Ferguson (1931-2003), who later played polo with Prince Felipe and became manager of the Prince Carlos Polo. Ronald and Susan had two daughters, Jeanne Louise, born on August 26, 1957, and Sarah Margaret, later the Duchess of York, was born on October 15, 1959.


He left his family in 1972 to move to Argentina with professional polo player Hector Barrantes. This caused a stir in society circles and was described then a "bolter". There was never any question of his daughters to be allowed to go to Argentina, but were raised by their father back in England Ronald with the help of his extended family. Ronald Ferguson and Susan divorced in 1974. In 1975 he married Barrantes. [Citation needed]

The Argentina

Susan and her second husband, Hector Barrantes, moved to the farm-mannor "The Pucara" in Tres Lomas, Argentina. Based on his writings and filmic work, it is recorded that aside from the birth of her two daughters, his life in Argentina was the happiest moment of his personal and professional life as I had the opportunity to explore and develop a documentary film career very well. His two passions, polo and film, were combined into a new career. In addition, she helped her husband's business of breeding polo ponies and cattle, until his death from cancer in 1990. Widow brought a new chapter in his life, along with some financial difficulties for Susan Barrantes and the global economy. She decided to start over again, and moved to a large apartment in Recoleta, Palermo, Buenos Aires and sold more than half of the farm to the Australian Kerry Packer playing polo media mogul and began to travel to Buenos Aires for the job. In the 1990s, created a produmuerte


The September 19, 1998, leaving to buy meat from the farm where he kept horses, leading Rover 75 collided with a Renault catering truck on a highway with two lanes in the flat field. The truck driver suffered a broken ankle but was beheaded and killed Barrantes, 61.

Susan Barrantes is buried with her second husband in a vault under his house, next to a polo field in the "El Pucara" of goods in Tres Lomas, Argentina. [2] His death came less than three weeks after the first anniversary of the death of former his daughter, the sister-in-law of Diana, Princess of Wales in a car accident. Susan Barrantes and his daughter Sarah, both attended the funeral of Diana in the Abbey there Westminstectora television, making movies about horses. The latter project became his most cherished legacy of his professional life.

Susan Barrantes and his daughter Sarah the Duchess of York in Argentina

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