Friday, February 03, 2012

Argentina: Tension in Buenos Aires by the arrival of Prince William to the Malvinas Islands

Hundreds of argentines protested Thursday in front of the British Embassy in Buenos Aires to denounce the arrival of Prince William to the Malvinas Islands and against the "imperialist arrogance" of London, reported AFP. Protesters set fire to the British flag in protest.

"Out of Malvinas, England", "Motherland yes, colony no" and "Go Away, William ..." were some of the slogans of the protesters, members of JPDescamisados​​, Peronist youth group.

The arrival of the heir to the British Crown, for military training as part of a routine deployment, reopened the wounds of the War of the Malvinas (Falklands) in a sector of the population of Argentina.

The repudiation of the statements of Cameron and the refusal of England to begin diplomatic talks with Argentina over the sovereignty of the islands was also repudiated by the entire political spectrum Argentine with an unprecedented agreement from left to right.

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