Sunday, February 05, 2012

Big Brother 2012: Bellini and Noelia Nazareno Rios play the playoff

The campaign ran on twitter Nachi and wait for Fernanda Pacheco, back from Tucuman to determine if he joins them in the house next door. the details

The campaign on Twitter Nazarene motorized Bellini paid off and there will be "playoff for the kids" who came out of Big Brother 2012. But not for everyone, but not only were eligible who pressed the red button and resigned, who lived in the house next door or already had another chance.

Whereupon, Nachi and sculptural happy Noelia Rios accepted the challenge and is expected to Fernanda Pacheco, the first removed from reality, back from Tucuman to decide when added to the house next door during the show live to undergo popular will.

Created Cinthia, China, was safe for reentry, but production did not accept his condition to get along with his dog in GH 2012.

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