Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aberrant anti-Semitic act in Buenos Aires

Last night, the director of a Jewish school in the district of Once (Buenos Aires) was beaten on the head with a nunchaku by a stranger who attacked him shouting "Jew, Jew. " The victim was taken to a hospital for care

The attack came on the doors of the Heichal Hatorah School, located on Calle Ecuador 936. The victim is called Moshe Cohen.

The Jewish Agency for News (AJN) said the assailant, a man aged about 40, approached Cohen and shouted "Jew, Jew!" to immediately remove from its original packaging with a nunchaku that hit him in the head. The gun "looked just bought. "

After the attack, the attacker tried to run away, but a local shopkeeper was able to reach him and was arrested at the seventh station, available to the courts.

AMIA President Guillermo Borger, said last night "the strongest condemnation" anti-Semitic attack. The official denied that the attack was linked to domestic policy that live in the community institution, and it hoped that the authorities "can respond to what happened. " Borger was speaking to AJN before entering the Jewish community event held in Argentina Luna Park Stadium on the occasion of Yom Ha'atzmaut, Independence Day of Israel.

"I'm concerned, surprised by this fact. We are concerned about who suffer repeated verbal members of the community, but has become even more physical aggression, "said the president of AMIA.

In turn, the vice president of the CS, Angel Schindel, described the incident as a cowardly aggression. "Once again a holiday on which we should all be happy is tarnished because of this cowardly attack, " said Schindel to AJN. "Anti-Semitism exists and must be combated on a permanent basis, " he added.

While the Israeli ambassador to Argentina, Daniel Gazit, said that is where the Jewish people, the State of Israel will not let attacks go unpunished in the streets, synagogues or schools.

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