Friday, April 15, 2011

Bono and Ronaldo competed in a karaoke

The leader of the Irish band U2 and former Brazilian footballer had fun in a Brazilian bar. It was during the festival "Isto Não É Um Karaoke. " Then, "The Phenomenon" joked his twitter: "Corinthians added a new booster"

And away from the courts, Ronaldo looks for ways to pass my best and go if you are having fun. The striker who only recently retired from professional activity not to receive awards, but this time, it was not that, but to implement a kind of dream and share a stage with Bono, the U2 frontman.

"Bono, I do this for you, "said "The Phenomenon, getting on stage to sing" Satisfaction "in a karaoke duel, hand in hand with the Irish. Bono returned the courtesy and showed what he does best, while haranguing the audience.

The incident happened in "Bar Secret", a renowned Brazilian pub where the party took place "Isto Não É Um Karaoke. " There was also attended by guitarist "The Edge", although their presence did not call as much attention as that of Bono and Ronaldo.

Then, on twitter, Ronaldo joked. Uploaded a picture of himself with Bono and spoke of new "booster " of the Corinthians.

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