Friday, April 15, 2011

Biography of Cinthia Fernández

Cinthia Fernandez, model, showgirl, actress, dancer, skater, driving, etc, his precocious debut in the media was on the agenda of Marcelo Tinelli Showmatch issued by Channel 9, taking part in the beauty contest "Miss Match."
He began his theatrical career in the theater Premier "madder than a cow", abruptly ending the season one episode, which was victim and who is in judicial process at the same time, took part in several radio programs on FM Palermo .

Between May and July 2007 Cinthia was on Celebrity Big Brother reality, issued by Telefé, which brought him increasing popularity, in September replaced Catherine Fullop in Bailando por un Sueño, cycle produced by Ideas del Sur and broadcast by Channel 13 , there, stunned by his skill as a dancer and was praised by the likes of Moria Casan y Graciela Alfano, almost without preparation managed to stay in the contest as they were eliminated Rocío Guirao Díaz, Matías Ale, Rocío Marengo and Maria Eugenia Rito.

In the summer Cinthia was hired by Gerardo Sofovich for the tour of "The champagne mimosas puts" on the Atlantic coast in January and February 2008.
From July to November acted in the play "I told him cuckold" in the theater Tabaris while participated in Skating for a Dream, which was noted for his technique, the product of months of intense training, reaching the semi-finals and intervened in the bowling tournament Sunday night, produced by Gerardo Sofovich cycle and issued by Channel 9.

Cinthia year's end began a new phase in his career as host of an entertainment program, "Play TV" on Channel TV and played The Garage in a new play "Total Praise" next to the city Tota Santillan Mar del Plata until his dismissal in January 2009 over differences with the direction of the show.

In August Cinthia received many accolades for its production for the cover of Playboy magazine, which was seen in forums and other areas of opinion as the best in the last days of the magazine during October and November and again in the driving relapse other entertainment program, "Juga More" Signal Magazine, and in December he made his debut in fiction participating in an episode of the telenovela "Blind Dating" produced by Gastón Pauls.

Between May and July 2010 Cinthia acted in the play "to the lolas" in the theater Premier, also participated in an episode of the hit soap opera "All against Juan 2" starring and produced by Gastón Pauls and in December became involved in a new play "Exciting" with Nito Artaza and Miguel Angel Cherutti in the city of Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba.

She was invited to numerous TV shows such as Lunch with Mirtha Legrand Susana Gimenez, Informal Mornings, Out of Focus, Trend, Showmatch, Sing Me Argentina, CQC, Duro de Domar and different cycles driven by Gerardo Sofovich, Carmen Barbieri, Marley, Fabian Gianola, Alejandro Fantino, Roberto Pettinato, etc. as well as programs dedicated to the show.

In addition to being a girl Playboy magazine covers of well known publications such as Paparazzi, Man and Maxim and voted in many polls as one of the sexiest women in the country.

Currently a member of the agency Jorge Brunelli, with which he has participated in numerous parades and events across the country.
Cinthia who have worked with have indicated their partnership and professionalism, these days considering offers for theater and television.

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