Thursday, April 14, 2011

He cut his penis to be allowed by State to change sex .

This is a 19-year-old wanted to change sex and to do, had no better idea than sliced ​​penis. The urologist who examined him said: "We had packed their genitals. Physically a man, but with a woman's genital area. "

A man of 19 years of Honduras took a drastic step: the penis was amputated in search of sex change. The urologist's Hospital School, Denis Chirinos, explained what happened.

"He wanted to be female, young penis was amputated and had to condition their genitals. He is a man physically, but when you look at the genital area it is observed the anatomical structure of a woman, "said the newspaper La Prensa de Honduras.

The patient, a woman desperate to be built his own guillotine to cut off his male organ, said the urologist. The incident occurred last year and at that time had undergone the first surgery after suffering the genital trauma. He underwent a second time by the brigade of urology at the Hospital School for three days.

The urologist said that there was more to do and that the penis was completely amputee by the young. "We left him urinating as he wanted, sit on the toilet as a woman. He made a perinial urethrostomy given that the entire genotype is a man, "he said.
Due to the abrupt and decisive manner in which the patient made this determination, the doctor said that "we're in control with the psychiatrist."

"Genotype can not be women. He has no ovaries, no uterus. All features are male and only on the mental part that he wants to be feminine, "he explained.

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