Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The incredible story of the gay couple who raised 12 children.

Ham Steven and Roger are a couple of gay men in Phoenix, Arizona, have adopted twelve children in ten years. Things have not been easy and most children have had to be adopted only one of them and that Arizona is not legal adoption by gay couples. Also during those ten years have hosted 42 children.

Steven and Roger really wanted only one child, but when welcomed Michael in 2003 they encountered a problem: Michael, who was 5 years old, spent the day worried about her four younger siblings had been taken in by three different families. So Steven and Roger did everything possible for the five brothers were together and eventually adopt them all in less than a year.

Judged initially were enough, but in 2006 Steven decided he wanted to experience raising a baby from the beginning, so they began to welcome babies. As experienced parents social services began to bring babies, both those who needed a family temporarily as permanently.

We also offer a 4 years but before going to pick it up they found out he had a sister 11 years blind in one eye, so I took them both.

When they had 12 children at home decided they could not accommodate more and closed their host license. They were a family.

With so many children one of them is full-time parent while waiting for all the children are old enough to get back to work.

I've always wondered why some might prefer an orphanage for children to a gay family, although it is obvious that, in most cases, a home the children receive more love and safety in an institution. Not only that all studies indicate that children grow up healthy just gay families, but children do not seem to mind. When I told Michael, the first child they adopted, they were both parents, and not a father and mother, Michael stood up and said:

I'll get my stuff.
Because all children need a family that they want stability


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