Thursday, May 12, 2011

Open letter from a Nobel Peace Prize (Perez Esquivel) to another. (Barak Obama)

Dear Barack

When addressing this letter I do fraternal and simultaneously to express concern and outrage at the death and destruction sown in several countries, in the name of "freedom and democracy", two words prostitutes and empty of content. Ends justifying the murder and is celebrated as if it were a sporting event.

Indignation at the attitude of sections of the population of the U.S., European heads of state and other countries that came to support the killing of Bin Laden, and your pleasure on behalf of an alleged justice. Not seek to stop him and try him for crimes allegedly committed, resulting in greater doubt. The aim was to assassinate him.

The dead do not talk and fear of the executed who could say things are not convenient for the U.S.., Became murder to ensure that "dead dog rabies is over, regardless of who do nothing but increase it.

The dead do not talk and fear of the executed who could say things are not convenient for the U.S.., Became murder to ensure that "dead dog rabies is over, regardless of who do nothing but increase it.

When I was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, of which we are entrusted, I sent a letter saying: "Barack was very surprised that I have given you the Nobel Peace Prize, but now that I should have put at the service of peace between peoples, have all the opportunity to do so, to end the war and begin to reverse the grave situation in your country and the world. "

But you have increased the hatred and betrayed the principles adopted in the campaign to your people, like ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and close the prisons at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib in Iraq. On the contrary, decide to start another war against Libya, supported by NATO and the shameful United Nations resolution to support it, when the highest body, dwarfed and without thought of their own, has lost its way and is subject to the whims and interests the dominant powers.

The basic foundation of the UN is the defense and promotion of peace and dignity among the peoples. Its preamble says "We the peoples of the world ..." currently not that high body.

I remember a mystic and teacher who has greatly influenced my life, the Trappist monk of the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky, Thomas Merton says "The greatest need of our time is to clear the huge mass of mental and emotional garbage that clogs our minds and makes all political and social life in a mass disease. Without that housekeeping can not begin to see. If we can not think "-

Barack were very young during the Vietnam War, may not remember the struggle of American people oppose the war. I have shared and accompanied the Vietnam War veterans, including Brian Wilson and his companions who were victims of that war and all wars.
Thomas Merton, compared with a postmark that had just arrived "The U.S. Army, key to peace (the U.S. army, the key to peace)" said: "No army is key to peace. No nation has the key to nothing other than war.'s power has nothing to do with peace. When men most increase military power rather violate and destroy peace. "

We must protect the life to leave future generations a more just and fraternal society, restoring balance to Mother Earth. If we fail to act to change the current state of suicidal arrogance that is pulling people will be difficult to get out and see the light. Humanity deserves a better fate.

You know? hope is like the lotus that grows in the mud and blossoms in all their glory show their beauty. Leopoldo Marechal, an Argentine writer, stated that: "the labyrinth comes from above."

And I think Barack, that after following your route wrong road, you're in a maze can not find the exit and bury yourself deeper and deeper into violence, the power consumed by domination and believe have the power that can do everything and that the world is at the feet of the U.S.. Are so long the atrocities committed by different U.S. governments in the world ... It is a painful reality, but there is also resistance from people who not give up against the powerful.

A Bin Laden, alleged author's ideological attack on the twin towers, identify it as Satan incarnate who terrorized the world, marked him as the "axis of evil", and that helps them to declare war that the military industrial complex needs to place their products of death.
Researchers should not ignore the tragic September 11, indicate that the attack has a lot of "coup" as the plane into the Pentagon and former emptying the offices of the towers attack that gave rise to wage war against Iraq and Afghanistan and now against Libya, saying the lie that they do this to save the people in the name of "defending freedom and democracy." And cynically say that the death of women and children are "collateral damage."

The word is emptied of values ​​and content. To murder, death and finally call the U.S. has "dead" to Bin Laden. Do not try to justify it under any circumstances, I am against all terrorism, both of these armed groups, including the state terrorism that your country holds in various parts of the world by supporting dictators, imposing military bases and armed intervention, exercising violence to stay by terror in the axis of world power.

Is there only one "axis of evil"?

La Paz, is a dynamic of life in relationships between people and peoples, is a challenge to the conscience of mankind, his way is tedious, everyday and hope, where people who build their lives and their own history. Peace is not cheap, it is built and that is what you are missing boy, courage to take the historical responsibility to your people and humanity.

You can not live in the labyrinth of fear and domination, ignoring international treaties, pacts and protocols, which is signed and the couple transgress again and again. How can you talk of peace if you do not want to meet anything but the interests of your country?

How can you talk of freedom when you are in prison innocent prisoners in Guantanamo, the U.S., in Iraq and Afghanistan?

How can you talk of human rights and dignity of people when the violas permanently and block those who do not share your ideology and must bear your abuse?

How can you send military forces to Haiti after the devastating earthquake and no humanitarian aid to the suffering people?

How can you talk about freedom if you slaughter the people of the Middle East conflicts, which bleeds propagate the Palestinians and Israelis?
Barack. look up in your maze, you'll find the star to guide you, but you know you can never reach it, as well as Eduardo Galeano said.

It seeks to be consistent between what you say and do, is the only way not to lose direction. It is a challenge of life. The Nobel Peace Prize is a tool to serve people and not for personal vanity.

I wish you strength and hope and hope to have the courage to correct the path and find the wisdom of Peace.

* Adolfo PĂ©rez Esquivel (born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 26, 1931), is a sculptor, architect and pacifist Argentina. In 1980 he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his commitment to defending human rights in Latin America. It is one of the most active in protests against the Free Trade Area of ​​the Americas.


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