Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Apocalipsis two: Now, the end of the world would arrive in October

The Saturday could have been the end of the world. But no. The hour announced arrived and at all occurred. Now, the predicador of California Harold Camping went back to "predecir" the catastrophe: it said that his profecía had a desfase of five months and that the Final Trial will arrive actually the 21 of October.

Camping, that there was predicho that 200 million Christians would be carried to the sky the Saturday before the Earth was destroyed, commented that it felt so badly when his prediction did not go back reality that went out of his house and refugió in a hotel with his manacle. His independent ministry Family Radio International, spent million dollars, some obtained of the donaciones of his supporters, in more of 5.000 posters and vehicles with announcements on the Day of the Final Trial.

However, Camping said that now knows that the Apocalipsis will arrive five months after the 21 of May, the date that had signalled in a principle. Before had said that the 21 of October the world would be consumed by a ball of fire.

The Saturday was "an invisible day of the Final Trial" in which realized a spiritual trial, said, but the date and the structure is the same that always has been, agregó.

"Always said that the 21 of May was the day, but did not understand the spiritual meaning", said. "The 21 of May is the day in which came Cristo and put to the world under trial".

It is not the first time that the driver of Christian radio has to explain why did not work his prediction. Also predijo that the Apocalipsis would arrive in 1994, but explained that it did not occur by a mathematical error.

Instead of driving his daily program the Monday, Camping presented a special communiqué in front of the press in the offices of his empire of means in Oakland, that has devoted to transmit his message. His program "Open Forum" had announced from does months the message apocalíptico by means of the seasons of radio, the channels of television, the places of Internet and the seasons satelitales of the group.

In 2009, the no yielding organization Family Radio reportó to the fisco that received 18,3 million dollars in donaciones and had goods by more of 104 million dollars, including 34 in actions and other values exchanged publicly.

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