Monday, May 30, 2011

Miraculous: image of Christ cries blood

The case recently was released these days but it happened in Tucuman on 23 March, at Lent. As it was investigating, the sculpture of Jesus, which is nailed to brown cross, shed human blood.

The miracle occurred in Tucuman on 23 March, at Lent. An image of Christ hanging on the house of a family wept blood. This is a crucifix with the image of Jesus in white. On it, a series of spots can be seen with the naked eye, according to the site

Beyond that alone is amazing, every spot of blood shed by the image corresponds to the stigma suffered by the Son of God to be crucified. His hands, feet, head to the crown of thorns, and finally throws it to the side of his torso.

The fact was not disclosed at the time, as it was under investigation and further verification by the authorities of the neighboring province ecleciƔsticas. Skills that could be confirmed by blood, indeed, is human.

To make matters worse, in the same house, an image of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus in arms, a strange substance secreted from the inside, a kind of rose-scented oil which are attributed to a number of healing effects .

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