Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Teens Angels" is dissolved

The phenomenon "Teens Angels" came from the successful cycle produced by Cris Morena Group "Almost Angels". From there he catapulted to fame Eugenia Suarez, Mariana Esposito, Gaston Dalmau, Nicolas Riera, Pedro Juan and Rocio Lanzani joves Igarzábal among other actors.

Initially formed by Lali, Nico, Peter, Kevin and Eugene after the latter determine that it should get off and be the first to take another path Rochi his place was also the protagonist of youth cycle.

After four successful seasons on the screen Telefe the program was a national and international success came to an end and it was only the band that continued with presentations in our country and around the world.

Meanwhile, the sad death of Romina Yan concluded with the mentor of this great success and as many as "Tiny", "Rincón de luz", "Soul Pirate" decided to retire from his production and deal with one hundred percent of the care of their grandchildren processed while mourning the sudden death of his daughter, the talented actress who was part of several of his hits.

With teenagers and grown "Teen Angels" will lower the curtain on mid-year and will bid farewell to his audience with two Grand Rex, which provide 16 and 17 June with the theme "Lower the curtain" as the anthem.

The way of the angels

Mariana "Lali" Esposito decided to face new challenges. This year will be part of the cast of "The Crucible", the play with which has already begun to try and make movies with Mariano Martinez and Agustina Lecouna in "The fight of my life." After several years of romance with his co-star Peter Lanzani, Lali is a partner with Benjamin Amadeo a young actor, who also used to be his co-star.

For his part, Juan Pedro "Peter" Lanzani, play the grandson nothing more nor less than Mirtha Legrand in what will be the return of the diva to the small screen. Peter already recording for the serious "The owner" will be seen on screen Telefe. In the area I am, the galancito not came back into dating after cutting with Lali and enjoy being single which included a wild vacation with friends in Brazil.

Eugenia "China" Suarez was the first to be dropped from the band and signed with Pol-Ka where he began working in 2011 on the strip "The only" with the protagonist of Sofia the same as the season was done Mar del Plata theater and this year is again on the screen of The Thirteen. The beautiful actress had an affair with whom Nicolas Riera cut to be in a relationship with Nacho Viale, the grandson of Mirtha Legrand. The romance ended earlier this year after the blonde be branded as the third in contention in the scandalous separation and Eugenia Tobal Nicolas Cabre. Although, China denied the alleged affair with actor rumors are getting stronger.

While Nicholas "Tacho" Riera participated in several programs fame came when he was recruited by Cris. After his affair with China, the actor and abdominal curls marked rubiso managed to conquer the heart-stopping brunette, Silvina Escudero. The affair put him in the most watched TV stations in Argentina, "Dancing with the Stars" where Tacho showed that besides being "prettyboy" is a good dancer. Today Nico, is brilliant in "Sweet Love" Telefe success of the novel with the character of Luke Pedroso a thief who falls for rich girl who happens to be Rocío go Igarzábal teen and his former partner with whom it is linked romantically today what her relationship with Escudero is on the tightrope.

Rocío "Rochi" Igarzábal began her acting career in 2008 in "Almost Angels" and today is one of the sisters Bandi in "Sweet Love." Her beauty and face "angelic" is also notable for what it is hired as advertising model. Rochi joined the group in 2011 TeenAngels to the abrupt departure of Eugenia Suarez. The 22 year old actress is dating Dominic, a mechanic who was her boyfriend for many years and reunited again, though, rumors of a possible rapprochement with Tacho travel media.

Gaston Dalmau, "Rama" for fans decided on a different path than their peers, at least for a while. In the coming days, the actor and singer will travel to New York where he lived for a while as perfected his English and perform various intensive acting and singing. Rama back in June for the farewell of the band and since that time has important proposals for film and TV stations. Very careful of her private life, Gaston kept away from the scandals and only know that by the time his heart has no owner.

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