Friday, December 03, 2010

The third edition of the Festival de Jazz de Buenos Aires begins today

The Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival 2010, organized by the City of Buenos Aires and artistic director Adrian Iaies will take place from 3 to Dec. 8 with performances by outstanding international artists from America and Europe, returning to play Argentina in Buenos Aires, after years, and a long list of local musicians, from the consecrated to young talents.

The Festival will display their programming in eight venues across Buenos Aires the following sections: CONCERTS INTERNATIONAL CROSSES between international and local artists this year are strengthened and expanded, outdoor concerts in the Courtyard Terrace and cistern of the CCR; Jazzología, a special edition of the traditional cycle, JAZZ AND CINEMA, cycle films and documentaries CLASSROOM dedicated to teacher training through masterclasses, workshops and clinics, a permanent exhibition of photographs, and THE JAM will be held every night in The Hidden with Gillespie as host. This year is added as a new section returnees, which brings together compatriots living abroad to develop different facets of jazz with the common denominator of originality and talent.

The Festival will also present the Assembly Real Book Argentina, especially assembled for this edition, which will give a concert in The Hidden. The Real Book Argentina is a project driven by the pianist and composer Stephen Sehinkman collection and dissemination of music written for a variety of composers inscribed within the very broad stylistic boundaries of jazz Argentina.


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