Saturday, December 04, 2010

The province of Buenos Aires has now a Tourism Law

From this week, the province of Buenos Aires has a new Law on Tourism, the first to be approved for more than half a century.

According to the Tourism Minister, Ignacio Crotto, 'The new law is modern, inclusive and covers issues not dealt with the 1948 law, such as social tourism, rural, accessibility and adventure tourism. "

The consensus of political forces has been central to its adoption by the legislative branch. In fact, both Congress and Senate have agreed on the adoption of this law that still lacks a procedure to take effect, the adoption by the Executive.

Crotto secretary stressed that it is a 'law containing contributions of the different blocks of both Houses considered relevant, which makes it clear that the proposed rule goes beyond the political debates and seeks the best for the sector. "

Among the new text, the new law provides, for example, greater powers to municipalities, which will have direct involvement in tourism development in their territories. He also speaks of sustainable development includes economic measures to help the industry weather emergency, and calls for professionalization of tourism at all levels and sectors.

The project, which will repeal the old Act 5254, provincial interest declared tourism as an essential and strategic socio-economic process for the development of the Province of Buenos Aires, and announced the creation of the Tourism Promotion Council (COPROTUR), a consultative status , consultation and support to executive management shall consist of the public and private sector, as well as Banco Provincia.

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