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Who is Martina Stoessel? Who is Violeta?

Martina Stoessel is an Argentine teen actress, dancer, singer, and model, who gained popularity for her debut role as Violetta Castillo on the Disney Channel original series Violetta.

Martina Stoessel was born in Buenos Aires, the daughter of producer and director Alejandro Stoessel and Mariana Muzlera, has a brother who is a year older named Francisco.
She stated that she was born on March 21st, 1997. She began her artistic training at a young age studying singing, piano, musical comedy, musical theater and dance.
In 2009, she starred in the first season of the telenovela Argentine youth Patito Feo in the role of Martina, one of the assistants of Fito Bernardi,  and also starred Anna as a child, a friend of Leandro met in a forest, in flashbacks, in the same series.
In 2011, she participated in the Spanish version of the song Shannon Saunders′ "The Glow", called "Tu Resplandor", contained in the album recording Disney Princess: Fairy Tale Songs. 
She also sings this version for the final event of the Disney Channel Latin America, Celebratón, on 31 December 2011. The song was later included in the compilation relating to the show and published in March of the following year.
In 2010, Stoessel obtained the title role in the series Violetta, co-production between Disney Channel Latin AmericaEuropeMiddle East and Africa, where she plays the character of Violetta Castillo. Stoessel sings the song forerunner of the series published on 5 April 2012 and entitled En mi mundo, the Italian version "Nel mio mondo"[10] and the English version "In My Own World". For this role she won an award for "Female Newcomer" in the 2012 edition of the Kids' Choice Awards Argentina and was also nominated for the U.S. version, the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, in the "Favorite Latin Artist" category.
She also gave her voice to a few songs on the albums of the series. She also participated in the television programs The U-Mix Show and Disney Planet for Disney Latin America. In 2013 has been confirmed to play the same character in the series and to be the protagonist of the play inspired by the series; moreover, lent her voice to the character of Carrie in the dubbing of the Italian version of the film Monsters University.
On 10 August 2013, Stoessel performed, along with the cast of ViolettaUNICEF charity event television Un sol para los chicos, where she plays the songs "Ser mejor" and "En mi mundo". She sings the songs "Libre soy" and "All'Alba sorgerò" which are the Spanish and Italian versions of "Let It Go", title song from the Disney animated filmFrozen. 
Martina Stoessel (16) is in a great moment, but she takes it in stride: "I try to learn from what is happening to me Violetta taught me how to be safe on stage, how to move and what to say to the public reacts. . Besides, I'm very observant, because it is good to have references. spend days watching videos of Beyoncé, for example, "he says in an interview with People magazine, a publication for which he made an unforgettable production photos.

?. "Plan with Peter Best Family meals adore Claudia and Paul, his parents and his brothers are great Ah but do not know what is Grandma going to lunch when I prepared my weakness..! Breaded with egg fried up, well-seasoned fries and radishes. "

Tini recalls: "Before the boom, my parents explained to me. 'Whatever happens, Violetta is just a moment in your career So important, in addition to retaining the affections near intact, we want to know what you like' . assure you today that I want to be a singer, my next dream is to own my album Lanzano songs that motivate me. "

In their media explosion, Martina reveals: "I know I'm on the look This is the fame.. Wherein the wants, you get used to a little When I 'killed' by the look of Martín Fierro, for me was terrible ... until I threw up from nerves. "

The topic Peter Lanzani could not be left out and the protagonist of Violetta account:... "He gives me security is super-partner shows me and advised me, because when he was my age experienced something similar to what happens to me now It's fun and very sweet. I'm jealous zero, I grew up in this environment, I can understand him kiss another actress. Besides I know all the guys Allies are divine. And Ori (Sabatini) love! Is the best plan with Peter? The . familiar foods I love Claudia and Pablo, her parents and her brothers are great Oh and you do not know what Grandma When we go to lunch I prepared my weakness..! breaded fried up eggs, fried potatoes and radishes well-seasoned also look good ... I asked him for a picture. "

By the end, Tini leaves a dream: "From love I hope it's for life I love to see couples of grandparents love each other a lot And of course, though it's hard work being a mom, I love to have three children and to live in the countryside..."

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