Thursday, December 05, 2013

Incidents in the door of the Argentine Congress with students

The University Assembly , the highest body of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA ) , will meet from 9 am to elect a new president for the period 2014-2018 , as part of a police operation to avoid preventing the income of directors by FUBA students who ask for more representation and traffic and cut in Corrientes and Callao.

However, prevention was not enough : hooded activists attacked the fences and attacked with stones and sticks at police guarding the area, where as many traffic lights and stops collective are destroyed .

The youth used slingshots and even destroyed villages to use the rubble as projectiles : several people took hammers and spikes their backpacks , to break tiles , fragmented , were thrown to the police.

Faced with the onslaught , which included balls reinforced with pieces of glass stones, security forces threw tear gas and water to disperse the attackers. After several minutes of intense fighting, the situation was normalized , and anyway in place a tense calm is perceived and violence could flare up at any time.


The 236 members of the University Assembly will meet in room Convention Annex Congress to define the election of the president, to the vice provost and dean projection Economics, Alberto Barbieri, and former Dean of Social Sciences presented the sociologist Federico Schuster .

University sources said that to ensure the entry of the assembly the national government , through the Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich , " mandated the use of the annexe of the National Congress for the Assembly of the UBA and the fencing of the Federal Police " .

Barbieri concentrated , according to the last election in cloisters and senior managers and directors of UBA in October, the will of 9 of the 13 schools and the support of the ruling of the university governing Peronist alliance , Kirchner , radicals, " franjistas "and even" massistas " .

Schuster , meanwhile, meets accessions and the humanities faculties of Sciences, and Kirchner group La Campora that like rejects the FUBA Barbieri , who question the management " of resources and search business with third outside the university. "

The recent photo of chief of staff agreeing with Barbieri mode of voting was quite a sign of the government towards the cloisters of the UBA .

Of the 236 assembly members , there will be 104 voters by the faculty of Teachers , Graduates 52 voters , 52 students and 28 voters voting by the Board . For the Assembly in session a quorum consisting of half plus one of its members is required.
To be elected at the first meeting, the vote of half plus one of all members of the Assembly is required and will be made up to three votes.

The University Federation of Buenos Aires ( FUBA ) started from last night festival and camp in front of Congress vigil in protest of the Assembly and predicted that at the meeting asked " the reform of the Statute of the University " Buenos Aires , so that " vote all rather clique " .

The co-chair of the FUBA Julian Asiner aligned in the Worker 's Party ( PO ) , said the agency DyN Assembly UBA " is illegitimate and has no conditions for meeting " and said that the meeting " will ask the word by the teacher union to adjournment and a new call is made on another basis to vote all and not a minority. "

In the 2009 election , in which the outgoing president Ruben Hallu revalidated management , it was decided to change for protests FUBA traditional headquarters of the National College of Buenos Aires , in BolĂ­var 200 , by the Annex to Congress , whose hits Rivadavia and Riobamba were get blocked by students.

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