Monday, December 23, 2013

He wanted to buy a dog, but they sold him a rat

A man from the province of Catamarca in Argentina reported that he was allegedly ripped off shopping at the "La Salada" Market on the outskirts of Buenos Aires after he was sold two Brazilian rats like toy poodle dog.

The complainant, a native citizen of Tinogasta, filed a complaint in the prosecution because he had paid 400 pesos (40 Dollars) for two puppies toy poodles, which turned out to be rats fattened with steroids.

The man thought it was a very cheap for dogs of that breed both price and bought it. Once he reached his home province went to a vet to give the first vaccines, when the vet confirmed the unpleasant surprise.

That vet warned that dogs were not the alleged victim of the scam explained to "The Daily Catamarca Ancasti" .
The vet explained that it was actually "Brazilian rats, based anabolic during the first months of life" had grown to resemble toys poodle.

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