Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Digital Art: Works by Canadian artists are exhibited in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The exhibition "Mobile Perspectives" shown in that space dedicated to art exhibitions technology-is just a cut, a look, production artists and designers from Canada, more so if one takes into account that were conducted in an academic, artists, designers and scientists.

In this sense, the exhibition is part of the First Inter between Argentina and Canada, a proposal for collaboration and research among different universities in Argentina (Untref, Maimonides and National University of La Plata) with OCADU (Ontario College of Art and Design University ) and Concordia University in Canada.

The event serves as a platform to publicize and disseminate the academic work of these universities around the science, art and technology, through interdisciplinary workshops, a symposium and exhibition.

There are nine creations made in Canada, an arbitrary and biased selection, but amazing and fun, showing styles as different as different concerns, curated by Martha Ladly and Guillermina Búzio, until May 24 at Arenales 1540, with free admission and free.

"Karma Chameleon" Berzowska Joanna project, flies over the idea of ​​"textiles of the future", explains Julia Telam Zurueta, coordinator of the exhibition space, during a tour of the exhibition.

It is a collection of interactive electronic items, created from a new generation of composite fibers, capable of generating energy directly from the human body and store it and then use it by modifying its visual properties.

These garments animated change their visual characteristics, color and shape in response to physical movement, dresses, large woolen scarves, garments in its many stages, high and low energy.

The mobile devices are key to Shawn Micallef documentary project "[murmur]" an anecdotal record oral histories about particular places that become available through the own cell phone in the same place of occurrence, from autobiographical references as " I fell into this corner "to stories of social content.

Opened in Kensington Market in 2003, [murmur] has expanded to over 250 locations in Toronto and more than two dozen cities around the world.

The stories are narrated by individuals with special connections in every place, where there are signs of ear-shaped green with a phone number and a unique code, which the user must call from your phone to access those stories.

The exhibition displays a computer with a local map, intended for visitors to make their contribution to this oral record, a space for unofficial stories, voices and memories forgotten marginalized.

We sometimes use secret codes to communicate with our friends, partners or colleagues, while in the company of a wider group of people: a nudge, a cough, a touch on the nose, something that says "I'm thinking of you ... "," Save me from this conversation! "or" Let's get out of here now!. "What if our clothes could communicate these messages?

The "gestural Accessory Kit" Kate Hartman is a set of modular tools that invites artists and designers to create their own wireless communication accessories.

A tool "gestural" a radio transmitter employs a "server" that allows two people to "rub shoulders" from one end to the other by a space: "Since the kit includes most of the technical aspects, such as circuits and configurations radio, the momentum is concentrated in interactive design and the garment itself, "adds Zurueta.

The tour is completed with the pieces of the artist Sara Diamond, "Visual Feelings", Owen Chapman, Kim Sawchuk and Samuel Thulin, "Audio-Mobile | Echoscape"; Ladly Martha, "Park Walk" and Jason E. Lewis "Poetry for Excitable".

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