Thursday, May 02, 2013

Brazil: Narcos threaten drug dog

Brazilian police reported the threats of a drug trafficker band against a dog who has participated in numerous drug interventions.

 The dog named Boss angered by gang members have found numerous amounts of drugs during a series of police raids.

 Police told the Brazilian media that threats overheard while listening to the band communications. Maj Victor Okay, part of anti-drug police team told Globo TV Brazil that "the traffickers said they were going to shoot the brown (dog)".

Boss dogs is one of the most effective device. The police told Brazilian media that once found 400 pounds of marijuana hidden inside a wall.

 After threats, security around Boss has increased, according to a police spokesman. Earlier this month, hundreds of police backed by armored vehicles and helicopters, moved in to take control of two slums where drug cartels operate.

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