Monday, June 04, 2012

The "Girl Loly" says that every night looking for a baby with Jorge Rial

"Today God rewarded me, I enjoy, but I've lived in hotels," said the model in an interview on radio this is just beginning, on his great this work, that has worked in radio and television staff, very much in love Intrusion driver.

"I was very cruel things happened in my early days. I suffered to be known, everyone thinks of one, they said terrible things about me. And I'm not like that. In recent months, I saw many panquequear about me. But I know who stood by me: people who always loved me, gave me a hand, I will always be present.

Do not forget my roots. Those who want change now, are welcome, but I will always remember everything, "said Loly. Then Antoniale spoke of his relationship with George, "When you turn the camera, Jorge is another person, is great fun, play a lot. In private, is a divine. I met my whims and attentive to me. It amazes me, is a great man. " At the end, was surprised with the following statement: "Want to be parents we have, I feel like I have to be a mom.Every night we look for the baby ".

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