Monday, June 04, 2012

70% of the population of Cordoba, Argentna rejects nuclear power

Buenos Aires, May 30, 2012 - A survey by consulting firm Mori for Greenpeace MBC (1), revealed that 70 percent of the population of the City of Córdoba and 78 percent in Calamuchita believes that nuclear power is dangerous and 75 percent disagree with the construction of new plants. Seven in ten respondents want to completely eliminate nuclear activity in the region where they live.

"These data show that residents of Córdoba do not want to mortgage their future to the risks of nuclear energy and radioactive waste; bet on a clean and secure energy future for their region and for Argentina," said Mauro Fernández, coordinator of the campaign against nuclear power from Greenpeace.

The study showed the opposition to nuclear power in Cordoba and Calamuchita department, area of ​​potential impact of the Nuclear Accident Reservoir, where 80 percent believe that a disaster of this nature may occur. 84% of the residents want to close the plant or redirect expenditure to the extent of its life-initially estimated in 1,344 million dollars to energies such as wind or solar. Three out of four respondents believe that nuclear power is cleaner and choose the electricity they consume is not from nuclear power plants.

The nuclear power generation appears as one of the main economic activities resisted by the population, after open pit mining. Less than 1% admitted to the nuclear industry as a productive activity relevant to their region, while 83% recognize tourism as preferred economic activity and most agree that both activities are not supported.

Greenpeace is demanding the government to listen to people, permanent closure of the central reservoir and promote clean energy development. "The lack of public hearings and consultations for the atomic project progress of the Argentine government silenced the neighbors of these dangerous ventures," he said Fernandez.Undo edits

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