Friday, April 27, 2007

Davis Freeberg’s Sites Of The Week

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This week’s winner of the site of the week contest was What the F . . . . ?!?! What the F is a collection of funny classified ads that have shown up in various papers over the years. The ads were uploaded to by someone with the handle of Sanctifyer. Sanctifyer has also uploaded several other documents that are worth checking out as well, including a collection of funny things that people say in court and a well written inspirational piece on happiness.

In reading through the various ads collected on What the F, my favorite had to be this unique description for someone looking to get rid of their dog.

Free To Good Country Home - 3/4 Rotweiller, 1/4 Shepherd. 3 years old, female, spayed, very intelligent. Loves to eat live rabbits and kittens.
Loves to play ball with kids. Call after 5pm.”

Congratulations to What the F on winning this week’s sites of the week contest. The ads really were better than anything that I’ve ever seen on the Tonight Show and offered great entertainment for the week.

The nominations for the site of weekend are listed below, you can vote in the sidebar. If you’d like to nominate a site for consideration, you can email me at Davis at

The Hype Machine
Strange Vehicles
Viva Radio


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