Friday, April 27, 2007

Admit it, we all steal great decks

david byrne

And Slide Share has made it easier for us to find new and exciting ways to liven up our dull old PowerPoint. Although I have recently invested 55 of your English pounds in the Keynote software (and Pages) for my Mac at home so I can hopefully create something more visually exciting. When I can be arsed, I might put some of mine up there too rather than the pathetic collection I have to date. Mind you, I think they’re funny. In the meantime:

David Byrne (he of Talking Heads) has been making art with powerpoint (the image above is one of his creations)

There’s a contest on Slide Share for the best decks. Check them out.

And this blog by Garr Reynolds has some excellent ideas and stuff.

Six emerging media trends (below) is v interesting - by the fast-acquiring guru status Greg Verdino I hope Greg is presenting at Digitas strategy boot camp in Boston next week when my good buddy Nobber Ryan is there. I had the pleasure of going there last November and Greg was one of the highlights along with Spam the Monkey. I should get round to filling in the other highlights some other time…

And I don’t know if this was entered into the awards but is perhaps how we should all be working? I cringe whenever we’re forced to get a signed scope of work back on the fax! I mean, are we really in 2007??? And I work for a digital agency.

And remember kids, don’t forget to make the right credit when using other people’s slides though. I think there must be some proper web etiquette way of doing this too. I’ll see if I can find out. Blimey, I think I’ve just managed a work-related posting.

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Tao, how come you haven't credited me with this entire cut & paste of my post within minutes of me posting it? I even mention etiquette of crediting in my post. Grrrrr.
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