Monday, August 04, 2014

The dangers of a perfect butt

The argentinian model, Silvina Luna, beautiful woman of 34 has a sad story to tell. In 2011, Silvina was operated by Dr. Hannibal Lotocki to increase the volume of your buttocks. The doctor used a mix between fill extraction waist fat and methyl methacrylate.

Three years later, Silvina started with abdominal pain and was diagnosed stones in the ureters, the product of an external substance that could become methacrylate, although not yet able to confirm.

"We came for a study that associated with the filling material, is a chronic inflammation in the tissue. This chronic inflammation causes the formation of granulomas. Then precursors of vitamin D is converted to vitamin D and what they do is release the blood calcium in the urine and consequently, producing stone formation, generating renal injury, "confirmed her personal doctor, Diego Lowenstein.

Silvina and was operated, the calculations were extracted at the Hospital Italiano and she was discharged. However, the problems could appear again and progress because the signs of having kidney failure need dialysis to future conduct.

Hazardous Fillers 

It is very difficult to determine what is in these 'dangerous fillers', unless a biopsy is performed, but within the prohibited substances are mixed, are: liquid silicone, oils, acrylics or dental cements that carry significant and even fatal complications.

 Methacrylate is a thermoplastic transparent plastic manufactured by the polymerization of methyl methacrylate, often used in place of glass - it being lighter, softer and not shattering on impact. "We know that these products can migrate throughout the body, affecting various organs or enter the bloodstream, causing in some cases the death of the patient." said an expert doctor.

Silvina's case is not unique.

Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán lived something similar to what now happens to Silvina Luna. In 2009 she wanted to enlarge her butt and allowed to inject methacrylate, never imagining what she would live after the ordeal.

The artist had to undergo more than four surgical procedures to cure infections and remove fluid from your body: "My learning is doing things naturally. I was a fool to believe in this. I was cheated. It's not fair to do this to people, play with your life. They do it in Mexico and Argentina because there are no laws and hide like rats. "

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