Wednesday, August 20, 2014

3 relatives of Pope Francis died in a car accident and his nephew is in serious condition

Pope Francisco is suffering after receiving the bad news of what happened to his family in Argentina.

The mayor of Villa María, Córdoba, where Emanuel (nephew of Pope), is hospitalized said "Unfortunately we found this event in the morning, we were accompanied to all hospital authorities who intervened to save the life of Emanuel Bergoglio the rapid intervention they did was key, "

Meanwhile, the head of intensive care at the hospital in Villa María, Luciano Caponseli confirmed that Emanuel was Bergoglio undergo surgery due to bleeding in the liver. The young man is connected to a ventilator.

Speaking to channel the doctor explained that the aim of the operation was to "compress the liver to no blood." "The biggest problem is the liver, the spleen was removed because it had a tear in the vein, but can live without it smoothly," he added.

Asked how serious having the pope's nephew, professional remarked how delicate it is. "Gravity has is nine points because it has a trauma to the abdomen and thorax face trauma, do not know how it will evolve also has two broken ribs and permanently on a ventilator. "

"The degree of survival is difficult to estimate it. Favor What is it age. Is a healthy young boy, but are complicated wounds has" acknowledged

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