Friday, September 21, 2012

Sued the AXE deodorant because it helped him pick up women

n New Delhi, a man complained to AXE deodorant because it helped him pick up women. He decided to sue the brand because the product did not meet its promises: look sexy to attract girls. Frustrated, sued the company for false advertising.

Deodorant, famous for its fragrances make the man "more attractive", is in trouble. Apparently, a young man gave no result, no company as it continues not to mention a girlfriend, and sued the company for not complying with the benefits.

This application was filed in the Justice of Delhi and the man "victim" who filed the complaint is Vaibhav Bedi, and his argument was simple: "For seven years I used AXE and honestly never helped me get girls."

As stated in the record, Bedi accused of "the false promises of AXE have caused mental suffering" and therefore seeks compensation. The applicant stated that he used brand products without that would provide an extra in their ability to "get women".

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