Friday, September 21, 2012

"A Little Princess" Kaylee, is botinera?

After a complicated separation, Karina Tejeda-better known as "The Princess of cumbia", would find love again. Four months after the break with Ezekiel "The Polish" Cwirklauk-other tropical music idol-singer would be starting a romance with footballer Cristian Erbes Boca.

"I left four months ago, I did not know anyone for fear the same thing happens to me, but now I met someone," said the artist in a note that was published recently in the newspaper Clarin. And now, the very morning revealed that that "someone" is the Boca Juniors midfielder of 22 years.

Apparently the relationship began through a mutual friend, who asked Erbes Karina's phone after being amazed to see it, despite being five years younger.

In the past, the singer had been linked to another player, Cristian "The Ogre" Fabbiani, although she always denied. After returning to the single life, it is also related to Thomas Costantini, but not confirmed.

Now the story (of love) seems to be another ...

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