Sunday, December 21, 2014

The hot gift Daniel Osvaldo asked Jimena Barón for Christmas

Spirited partner, if any, is to Jimena Baron (27) and Daniel Osvaldo (28). Often shooting itself via Twitter, to share his love and his exciting his followers jokes.

The actress already told by social networks who thinks only go home "to split it like cheese." But now, the Inter Milan striker doubled the bet.

It happens that Jimena began to complain a little about buying gifts for the tree.

'If you got the budinera q at the end of the back, drink me eh! With that budinera am happy, mamu! 'Piropeó Daniel Jimena via Twitter.
"I was so quiet with the 8 members of my flia, who commands hang out with me @ danistone25 (Daniel Osvaldo) that are 148 Osvaldo ?!" Mom pulled Morrison.

The matter did not end there: "@ danistone25 priceless what you owe me, papu Maybe you manage and I lográs compensate in some creative way Besuchi..!".

Her boyfriend quickly replied, "baronjimena dale after I let you take a picture with me mami Besito.". And it seems that she does not really like the little joke: "@ danistone25 the only gift I need to buy is yours, do not play the fool that Santa can you bring a pie pan".

Of course, here the player was very fast and Jimena left almost speechless: "If you got the budinera q at the end of the back, I drink eh With that budinera I'm happy, mamu!".

Well, we know she likes to cook, and of the words of his boy, seems to have a good pie pan.All happy!

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