Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman threatened the interim US ambassador with deportation

The situation between the Argentine government and the American is increasingly tense. Foreign Minister Hector Timerman threatened to oust Kevin Sullivan, diplomat in charge of the embassy of the United States, due having publicly said that it was important that Argentina leave the default.

The word default blew the President Cristina Kirchner, who along with his ministers repeated that the country has fulfilled its obligations and is not in default.

The discomfort with the American government is vested and deepened during the dispute with the vulture funds.

The President claimed he unsuccessfully colleague Barack Obama, to intervene in some way to stop the decision of the New York Judge Thomas Griesa, which prevents him from Argentina to pay the bondholders restructured debt until we reach an agreement with holdouts.

Sullivan's words were the perfect occasion to reaffirm the diplomatic anger of Argentina with the White House. The official told the newspaper Clarin, said this week that it is important that Argentina  leave the default as soon as possible to return to the path of sustainable economic growth and attract the investment needed,

The President read the words of Sullivan a direct provocation of Washington, which has not even responded formally order the Foreign Ministry appeared before the international tribunal in The Hague, for the United States and Argentina diriman in this Court the dispute with funds vulture.

Yesterday, after an urgent summons to him by the Chancellor Timerman at the American embassy official, the San Martin Palace issued a blunt statement:

"Argentina has not defaulted debts with the United States or any other country. Therefore such an alleged default on the part of the diplomatic have no factual hold, but coincide with the position of the vulture funds as opposed to the 92.4% interest of creditors who have accepted the debt restructuring"

In addition, the Foreign Ministry made ​​it clear that Argentina ?? deplores the United States has not agreed to settle their State responsibilities for damage caused by its judiciary before the International Court of Justice of the United Nations, where independent judges would have resolved the question by applying legal, equitable and fair ?? criteria. And ?? regrets that the United States has not joined the broad consensus at the United Nations on the need for a Legal Regulatory Framework for Sovereign Debt Restructuring

A cooperative attitude.

Timerman refers to the vote last week was held at the United Nations where 124 countries voted a motion raised by Argentina for an international legal framework to prevent vulture funds in the future be developed, spoiling the debt restructuring, while still in the minority. United States, like other financial markets such as England, Germany and Japan, voted against the proposal Argentina.
Argentina's reaction to the opposition, has been exaggerated. And in the sensitive language of diplomacy, convene an ambassador to the Foreign Ministry is the lend before the officer and put bilateral relations in intensive care step.

In fact that was the real threat of Timerman before Sullivan leaves his office. The Palacio San Martín statement ends with a formal warning: From repeated this type of interference in the internal affairs of Argentina the most severe measures stipulated in the Vienna Convention on the conduct of diplomatic representatives shall be adopted.

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