Sunday, April 06, 2014

Buenos Aires : They find a hidden treasure under a statue of Christopher Columbus

The treasure was buried in the eyes of everyone , but no one knew that beneath the statue of Christopher Columbus in Buenos Aires was a treasure from another century. Old copies of the time of the daily ' The Nation ', ' The Press ' and ' Corriere della Sera '; Italian and Argentinian coins and banknotes; medals , stamps and books remained sheltered in two chests hidden tin at the foot of the controversial monument of Columbus , behind the Casa Rosada.

This discovery was made by chance and extensive political struggle between the central government and the mayor of Buenos Aires , Mauricio Macri opposition .

Within the container two film rolls could witness how it was built and how it was armed statue found. They also found old parchments , coins of different materials and daily news about the works and the inauguration of the monument to Christopher Columbus.

The objects were stored in sealed boxes that were sent to the Museum of the Bicentenary , until the final storage place to be decided.

According to initial investigations, the chest would have been buried in 1921 , when he began the assembly site of the sculpture.

The statue of Christopher Columbus has been the subject of a famous controversy between the Government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and one of his main political adversaries. In the middle of last year , the Argentine government ordered the removal of the statue of Christopher Columbus from his pedestal.

The idea was to replace it with a monument to Independence guerrilla Azurduy Juana , a native of Sucre ( Bolivia ), funded with 770,000 euros donated by the government of Evo Morales.

When work began to dismantle the city government ( led by the opposition mayor Mauricio Macri ) claimed his property. Macri accused the Executive of appropriating a monument that was historical and cultural heritage of the city of Buenos Aires , and representatives of the Italian community in Argentina expressed their dismay over the measure.

Italy gave this sculpture to the city of Buenos Aires in 1921 to thank the hospitality of Argentines with immigrants, so this statue has a special meaning for the Italian collective influential.

Solved this political impasse , the central government and the mayor have decided that the statue of Christopher Columbus is located on the grounds of Jorge Newbery Airport, the second busiest airport in Buenos Aires

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