Friday, February 19, 2010

Desperately for her missing daughter in China

"She's alive because I feel," he says, almost as if in prayer, Deborah Cilley, Mama Lucia Tosi Cilley, the 22-year-old disappeared in China on October 27 last. "They tell us they have it working in prostitution, is what Dad tells the private investigators there."

Deborah, telephone communication from his home in Chascomus that his daughter decided to move in with his dad to Guangzhou, China, in February 2009. "I had high hopes of progress there," says and points out that Lucy worked in the import and export company with his father. "He learned Chinese in 8 months, also speaks English and French", he notes proudly.

The illusions of progress of his daughter and his strength is kept alive and hopeful. He relates in detail the last time she was seen in China, according to the version of her former husband. "He was in a bowling alley with a Nigerian boy, hence they went to a nearby town and apparently handed it to someone."

That Juan Carlos, father of her daughter, looking through embassies, private investigators, with posters on the streets. They know it is very difficult: "In this city there are 100,000 missing as my daughter and do not care much for Westerners." Requests the Argentine government to get involved and mediate with the Chinese authorities.

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