Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sex email blow for banker

A CITY investment banker has been humiliated after photos of her preforming oral sex were emailed to her boss and colleagues.

The anonymous email also found its way on to the internet, giving thousands the chance to see her perform the act on the unidentified man.

The highly paid woman, in her 20s, has been off work, with her bosses’ permission, since the email was circulated last Thursday.

The bank said that she was “extremely distressed”.

Now bank chiefs have launched a probe to identify the emailer who could also work for the bank.

It is understood the photos were stolen from a memory stick that the woman owned.

They were attached to an email and sent from a Yahoo account set up in her name.

The email also contained a weblink to another website where the pictures were also displayed.

But that site now appears to have been disabled. One recipient of the email said: “Whoever sent it clearly went to some trouble.”

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