Friday, October 06, 2006


Tango holds a privileged place in the city’s cultural agenda of events, considering the attractions it is for international tourists.

The fact that the winners of the 2006 IVth Tango Dancing World Championship were Colombians was proof of that.
Because of the aforementioned championship, the Tourism’s Sub secretary of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Production carried out a survey, which determined that 23% of the participants were foreign tourists, of which 40.2% traveled solely to attend the event and in some cases, they do it exclusively to learn how to dance Tango.

Therefore, Tango is the motive that attracts foreign tourists, who during their staying will be obliged to look for accommodation and take advantage of the opportunity to go on various excursions, all of which will affect the increment of the tourist services that will benefit the city economically and cognitively.

Thus, as a cultural expression Tango is the city’s best ally, both to advertise the city and as the best product to export.

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