Thursday, February 17, 2011

Galilea Montijo denies infidelity

During a public event, the driver rejects his breakup with Jorge Krasovsky has been for a third person

Good call and best gossip on the red carpet at the event to promote Las Vegas as a tourist destination.

Where it stops, Galilea Montijo can not avoid the issue of cancellation of their wedding.

"I think it was the best decision for the two, he is fine, we kept talking and waving, we have no problem we mature, we have great respect I'm very fond of his family always wanted and I love them and they have not wanted to talk a lot. "

Despite the cancellation of the wedding will not return the ring for his ex wants to save it.

"Since I left!, make jewelry."

And no, there was no infidelity.

"Only a couple knows when it ends knows why and there is nothing wrong here, just decided to each go on with our lives and I wish the best to George and he to me" Montijo said .

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