Monday, November 29, 2010

Buenos Aires will provide free internet in 26 places Buenos Aires

This is a pilot for 3 years starting in mid-December. The proposal involves the 26 green spaces in the City, and begins in Recoleta Plaza Houssay

The City Government confirmed that before the end year will begin a pilot project to install Wi-Fi spaces in various sectors of the Federal Capital. The final draft, which will take three years to its final realization, Buenos Aires include 26 parks and plazas, including Plaza de Mayo.

"When we started the management, Macri asked us to work to see how we could provide free WiFi", said the Minister of Environment and Public Space in Buenos Aires, Diego Santilli.

In this regard, the official told Buenos Aires Radio 10 that "it is a good way to give employment to the streets and residents can return to occupy public spaces."

Santilli said that only "necessary to see the times that we will install" service in every square and park in the City of Buenos Aires.

Wi-Fi spaces that the City will be the Plaza de Mayo, Republic Square, the square in front of the Faculty of Medicine, parks Lavalle, Lezama and Saavedra, as well as the Botanical Garden, among others .

As it was explained, these Wi-Fi spaces allow citizens to connect to the Internet through their cell phones and laptops in the main parks and squares of the city of Buenos Aires.

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