Friday, May 28, 2010

Cristina Kirchner questioned the discrimination against immigrants and called for peace in the Middle East

The President defended the creation of a Palestinian state and claimed the right of Israel to "live in peace," under the UN meeting in Rio de Janeiro. "South America is a region free of ethnic and religious conflicts," he said and stressed that Argentina "is plural and diverse."

Cristina Fernandez and Lula Da Silva

President Cristina Fernandez cuestionamietno today made a strong discrimination against immigrants and also for peace in the Middle East, in the context of Civilizations Forum taking place in Rio de Janeiro.

The president warned that there are "worrying signs regarding discrimination of immigrants", referring to projects that had an impact particularly in the United States. He said after pointing out that he could not "do political considerations of what is happening in the world."

At the same time, said the desire for peace in the world is connected "with longing and things that are still unresolved."

"The establishment of a Palestinian state and Israel's right to have borders and live in peace would be reasons that contribute to a world of peace and subtract arguments perhaps those who use terrorism as a kind of religious identity that has nothing to do with other religions and that is obviously political in nature, "he said.

For the president, the meeting should take certain points "to achieve a breakthrough in earnest to root out intolerance, prejudice, but doing so in the realization of our communities."

"I prefer integration, and that everyone can live like you want to pray to God that you want and you can dress as you want without being discriminated against by the other," said Cristina.

"This is his big goal that we all have to get there: Integration and coexistence are two basic tools with education, better quality of life and international justice to which all countries can live in their territory with justice and respect for other states "he concluded.

The Head of State was speaking at the plenary of the Forum of Civilizations United Nations Organization, which this year brought together 160 representatives from different countries and taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

On the other hand, the president will meet privately with his counterpart Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, which will run from 18:00 to settle the trade dispute. In addition, it will probably also with the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki Moon Korean.

Cristina Fernandez traveled accompanied by Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana, the Minister of Industry and Tourism, Debora Giorgi, and Minister of Economy, Amado Boudou.

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