Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maradona is in Switzerland to testify to the FIFA

The coach made his rebuttal by outbursts against the press after the match against Uruguay, Argentina won the night qualifying.

After the friendly match with Spain, Diego Maradona was scheduled to fly to Zurich (Switzerland) to discharge to FIFA for his outburst against the press ( "now that the continued nursing, the you have inside," "the suck" and other rude phrases) after the game in which the selected classification managed to South Africa 2010 against Uruguay in Montevideo.

The coach has already sent a disclaimer letter in which he said had a "violent emotion". However, the tone and words were repeated just finished the game, after going through the locker room and on arrival in Buenos Aires, where since he noticed the bus was making gestures to journalists who were waiting for the delegation in Ezeiza.

Maradona will be accompanied by counsel for the AFA (Luis Steps) and Julio Grondona (son). At the press conference given by friendly, would not talk about it and just simply said that "tell you what I have to say when I have to testify."

Since it opened to the disciplinary-two days after the event in Uruguay to this time there was speculation various kinds of sanctions. Now it says it could be a minimum of five games, the access to the stadium ban and a fine of at least 13,000 euros.

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